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Staying Safe and Well During Covid-19 Restrictions

As we are moved into a new, restricted world we’ve never experienced before it’s natural to feel anxious. But the drastic restrictions imposed are a really positive step towards things starting to get better.

We truly believe that routine and keeping busy are vital to the weeks ahead at home, and have complied our ideas to help. Getting up at the same time, and getting ready to start your day as you normally would helps bring structure to your week.

Jobs to do

Now is the perfect opportunity to complete all those tasks that you’ve been meaning to do for ages, for example:

  • Organise all your photos – lots of us have thousands of photos on phones and devices – now is the perfect opportunity to organise them into albums and ensure they are all backed up
  • Deep clean the kitchen – sort out all those old tins at the back of the cupboard, and bring them to the front before they go out of date

Visit the library – virtually!

Rach has been using BorrowBox to help keep the kids entertained – with Borrow Box you can borrow a book online using your Caerphilly Council Smartcard number.

Learn something new 

a host of online classes are available, our favourites are:

Travel from the comfort of your armchair

Go to Spain with  Armchair Travel

Stay in touch with friends and family 

Whatsapp and Facebook messenger have a video call function, simply start a group to begin chatting. There are various apps available for conferencing which is great for use to talk to friends and family – Clare likes ‘Zoom’.


Louise’s top tip is gardening – signs of spring and new life are really uplifting, plus some reports say sunlight helps immobilise the virus. Growing your own food is an amazing feeling and a really healthy thing to do, plus this will save you money in the long run and hopefully even take some of the stress out of some of the food shopping ahead!

Social Media 

Too much time on social media is not a good idea, its great for staying in touch with people and can help alleviate feelings of isolation, but it’s a good idea to limit the daily time spent. Has your dog got a special talent or a funny skill? Start an Instagram for your pet!


Various apps are available which guide you through meditating right from day 1, making it so easy if you’ve never done it before. We tried ‘Headspace’ – (just be careful of charges after free trials end!)


Check YouTube for gentle yoga exercises, or you’ve probably heard of Joe Wicks – 9am every day – this will help you get into that routine!


Above all, stay safe, and stay indoors. Please reach out if you’re feeling overwhelmed, out team are just a phone call away, and are always available for a chat so please let others help wherever they can.

From us all at The Grove