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We love to see children at The Grove and most kids look forward to their dental appointments. It is recommended that children go to the dentist with their parents as soon as possible so that they can get used to the noises, smells and surroundings.

Getting it right from the start is what we try to help you to do. No child is born with a sweet tooth. Early introduction to routine dental check- ups significantly reduces the chances of future lifelong dental problems. At The grove we try to help you to teach your children good habits and choices so they need never to have dental treatment or pain from a decayed tooth.

Fluoride Treatment
Fluoride can be used to help to strengthen the tooth surface. It is painted onto the tooth surface and has a pleasant minty taste. Nothing should be eaten or drunk for an hour after the treatment to allow the fluoride to take effect.

At The Grove we believe in prevention of dental decay and may recommend this treatment for your child if they have had decay in their baby teeth. We have a number of trained staff that can deliver this preventative form of treatment and may recommend that your child has this carried out at three monthly intervals for maximum effect.kids teeth

Avoiding Decay
Sugar causes decay but can come in many forms. Some are obvious but most are hidden in processed foods. Should we have any concerns about your childs teeth, we will discuss these with you and advise where you could reduce sugar intake therefore minimising future harm to your childs teeth.
Oral hygiene starts as soon as your child’s first tooth erupts through the gum. Cleaning their teeth should be a part of their daily routine:

  • The ideal times to brush your child’s teeth are first thing in the morning and last thing before bed.
  • Use a small smear of fluoride toothpaste on your child’s toothbrush.
  • Use circular brushing movements and concentrate on one tooth at a time.
  • Encourage your child to spit the toothpaste but do not rinse with water.
  • NEVER let your child fall asleep with a bottle of milk, formula milk or any fruit juice as this rapidly destroys teeth.
  • It is important that you brush your child’s teeth until they are at least 7 years old and supervise as often as you can thereafter.
  • Remember to encourage your child as praise often gets good results.

Your child’s first visit to The Grove
For the vast majority of young children the appointment will involve a quick look and check for any abnormalities. To help ease them in to the process, we recommend you:

  • Make it sound like a fun activity!
  • Explain to your child that they are going to get their teeth “counted”- you don’t even have to mention the word “dentist” as this can lead to further unwanted “tales” of visits to the dentist from friends and family.
  • Explain very little apart from that they sit on the “magic moving chair” and show the dentist their teeth.
  • Let them know they will get the reward of a sticker for showing their teeth. Sometimes showing young children their favourite TV characters going to the dentist can help.
  • Avoid using phrases such as “it won’t hurt”, “you have to be brave” as these could increase anxiety.
  • At each of your child’s examinations we will check for any signs of dental disease and also monitor growth and development of teeth and jaws. For some children, we will recommend referral to an orthodontic specialist.