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Dental Myths Uncovered!


Myth 1: Eating more sugar means more tooth decay

This isn’t true. It isn’t about the amount of sugar you eat but how frequently you eat it. For example sticky sweets and pop are in the mouth for longer than say a chocolate bar therefore the teeth are under an acid and sugar attack for longer, which will increase the chances of tooth decay. Sweets and chocolate are ok as an occasional treat, and should be consumed all in one go, as ‘grazing’ on these items prolongs the time teeth are under attack!


Myth 2: Losing baby teeth to decay is okay

Many people believe that losing baby teeth prematurely to tooth decay is normal and okay as they are meant to fall out anyway. Tooth decay in baby teeth can affect the developing permanent tooth underneath. Also if baby teeth are removed early then the permanent teeth may erupt in the wrong place resulting in the child needing braces in later life.


Myth 3: Fruit juice is healthy

Fruit juice sounds healthy but it’s actually as bad for your teeth as fizzy pop because of the acid and sugar content. For example orange juice contains as much sugar as coke –  six teaspoons in a 250ml glass and apple juice has even more. In some cases the acid and sugar in these drinks can wear away at the enamel of the tooth and reduce them to stumps. The only drinks that are safe and advised by the dentist is milk and water. If fruit juice is consumed it’s far better to dilute it right down with water to help reduce the acidity and dilute the sugar.


Myth 4: The calcium in baby’s teeth is taken from the mother

Calcium is needed to help build up baby’s bones and teeth. This source of calcium comes from the expectant mothers diet and not from her own body. That’s why it’s important to obtain a healthy balanced diet throughout pregnancy.


Myth 5: Flossing can cause spaces between your teeth

Flossing does not create spaces between your teeth. In fact it actually helps prevent tooth decay. When you floss you are removing all the food debris that’s been left behind from around your teeth and gums. Which helps keep teeth healthy are removes harmful bacteria.


Myth 6: Root canal treatment is painful

People hear the word root canal and panic as they have been told many stories regarding this treatment, but root canal is no more painful than a filling. It takes longer as there are more stages than a routine filling but it shouldn’t be at all painful.