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Top tips for tackling snoring

Sharing a bed with a snorer can be irritating and exhausting, and if YOU snore you may frequently find your sleep disturbed by a swift kick or a sharp prod. Approximately 40% of us snore to some degree, which can equate to a lot of lost sleep! Snoring occurs when the soft palate towards the back of the mouth vibrates when we inhale, causing that characteristic rattling noise. The bad news is that there is no miracle cure for snoring, but there some relatively easy things which you can do to help, most of which involve keeping the airway nice and clear:

Avoid alcohol – alcohol loosens muscles near the airway, making snoring worse. Tips on cutting down can be found here

Cut down on smoking – or even better quit altogether. Smoking causes lung and airway congestion which we know is a major factor. We offer support and advice on giving up smoking, our hygienist Clare is a smoking cessation specialist.

Maintain a healthy weight – as little as 2 -4kg can make a difference

Avoid sleeping on your back – as this makes the airway smaller. Some people have even gone as far as sewing a tennis ball into the back of their pyjamas, so that they are uncomfortable on their backs and roll back onto the side

Pillows – we all love a nice soft fluffy pillow but these can also make snoring worse. People have reported that sleeping without a pillow can help.

Allergies – if you suffer with allergies hypo-allergenic bedding may help, as can regularly washing bedding in hot water, and eliminating pets from your bedroom. Your GP or pharmacist can provide advice on antihistamine medication.


Until next time, Goodnight and Sweet Dreams!

If snoring is persistent or causing serious problems, your GP can offer advice and eliminate medical conditions which may be the cause.